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Four Winds Farm U-pick Flowers & Herbs

Love spending time outdoors? Looking for something new and relaxing to do? I hear you, friend!

Head on over to the farm for a laid back solo- style morning or bring the whole family for some fresh air and sweet blooms.


What to Bring?

  • A good pair of snips or scissors- We have a few extra pairs in case you forget, no worries.

  • Your own vase (optional)

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Sunscreen

 How it Works? 

1. Pull into the farm stand driveway and park along the fence row.

2. Head to Terripin Farm Stand to get your supplies & pay for your flowers.


3. Stroll through the numerous garden areas and pick your flowers.

4. If you wish, head to the flower barn to arrange and design your fresh-picked flowers.

How to Pick your flowers:


Go walk around the gardens once or twice to see all of your options for flowers! New things come into bloom weekly so take your time looking around.

Here are a couple of tips to get you started.

  • Cut your stem to the length of your forearm

  • Cutting deep into the plant ensures sturdy, healthy stems for the next customers. You can always re-cut your stems to fit the size of your container later. A good rule of thumb is to cut at the “V” on the plant where the stem branches. 

  • Feel free to strip flowers and arrange them at the flower barn. You don’t want any leaves to be in the water. That will cause the life of your blooms to be short. 

  • Change your water daily and add our flower food.

U-Pick Prices


One Bouquet $10

  • 15 stems 

Gallon Jug - $35

  •  The gallon-sized milk jug holds a surprising amount of flowers! You should be able to fit enough flowers for several mason jar arrangements if you pack it full.

Call to ask about wholesale bulk buckets or farm bouquets

 ALSO: Girls' Time With Wine & Flowers!

$20 per person minimum of 5. Call to schedule a time.

BYO Wine - We will have wine glasses & service ware

  for the food you bring.

Stroll through all the gardens.

Collect a lush floral bouquet of 20 stems.

De-stem and arrange flowers in the flower barn. 

Relax and enjoy the time together.




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