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Four Winds Farm is an 1870’s, 6th generation family farm, owned by Dr. Deborah Lee. Since 2002, the homestead has gradually evolved into a chemical-free growing area for herbs, vegetables, fruit and flowers. In 2005, a cozy Bella Luna Patio was constructed from recycled wood; and by 2010, the 2-story Bella Sol Teaching Center was completed. It, too, was constructed primarily from recycled local wood and other materials. The 2-story building features an upstairs classroom and kitchen, where students learn (hands-on) about healthy cuisine and herbs: medicinal, culinary, and wild edible. Downstairs is the Mural Room (a meeting area) The mural was painted by a local artist who cleverly added 15 camouflaged critters into a large meadow scene. Bet you can’t find them all! Also downstairs is the Flower Shed. Where creativity reigns! 

Terripin Farm Stand and Co-op: This was added in 2015 and has been extremely successful. In addition to 15 acres for vegetables, some 15 different local co-op growers market a variety of items. While at the farm stand, guests can choose from a variety of vegetables, fruits, honey, pickles, jelly, herbal products, fresh cut flowers and fresh bakery items from the Terripin Bakery.


Working as a wilderness trip leader and a recreation director in the mid 1970’s through the early 80’s, I realized that a clean, healthy global environment must begin with one’s personal health (mental, physical, and spiritual). In the late 1980’s while living in Northern Virginia, I faced a life-threatening health problem. Allopathic doctors said I needed a liver transplant to stay alive. Prayer and Inner Wisdom, however, led me to choose a Holistic path instead. The first step began with a Chinese Acupuncturist. Soon the path became a life-long journey involving numerous natural health practitioners and teachers. Extensive help came from medicinal herbs (including many wild edible plants); also, a Macrobiotic, plant-based diet; daily yoga; meditation; regular hiking or cycling outdoors; and much more. And, one very special Naturopath in Arkansas for 30 years and counting! This winding trek led me to refine my career goals. I combined my psychology education and counseling background, with a passion for environmental health and nutrition. Life has been a wonderful, healthy adventure.

Since that early diagnosis (and before) I have studied mind/body health extensively. I worked with the Macrobiotic community for 10 years and went on to specialize in herbs: medicinal, culinary, and wild edible. My healthy lifestyle still features a 90% vegan diet, flower essence remedies, essential oils and many herbs (culinary and medicinal) as a daily habit.


As the owner of Four Winds Farm and the Holistic Health Center, I often lead classes and events, see clients, or force myself to work at the computer. Otherwise, you will probably find me gleefully working in the gardens at the farm, hiking, cycling, or enjoying life with people I love.

Deborah's Story

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